Arts Manager International’s core services provide in-depth, comprehensive, implementable strategic plans, organizational audits, capital campaigns, and other bespoke services to assist organizations in crisis, those considering growth, and those facing changes to their environments.



Arts Manager International facilitates a planning process that engages representatives from all core stakeholder and beneficiary groups. Designed by Chairman Michael M. Kaiser and President Brett Egan, AMI’s planning process includes:

  • A thorough review of the organization’s mission

  • An environmental analysis that evaluates the relevant field and determines what is required for success in that field—today and in the future

  • An internal analysis that determines how the client organization compares, at present, to what is required for success, as defined by the environment

  • Detailed strategies that position the organization to overcome its weaknesses and exploit its strengths

  • An implementation plan that outlines tactics required to execute each strategy, assigning responsibility for each, and a deadline for their completion

  • A financial plan that accounts for the programmatic and capacity implications of each strategy, as well as the benefits expected as a resultTo augment the benefits of planning, Arts Manager International also provides implementation support to assist staff and board members as they begin to execute key strategies.



The Organizational Audit, also called a Cycle Audit, is a practical, lean, swift assessment of an organization’s capacity in each area of the Cycle: artistic and program planning, marketing, board and “family,” fundraising, and other revenue.


The Audit is not a strategic plan; rather its result is a renewed focus on the most salient issues facing an organization and a series of short-term (e.g. one year) recommendations designed to stabilize or strengthen an organization in key areas. The Audit consists of both a rigorous self-diagnosis and deep study by senior AMI consultants.


In addition to the Cycle Audit, Arts Manager International offers discipline-specific audits in:

  • Board structure and performance

  • Financial structure and performance

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Staffing structure



Arts Manager International consultants and staff guide organizations on planning successful capital campaigns, facilitating a process that positions clients to reach their goals while building institutional visibility. AMI’s practical and comprehensive services include plans to identify and cultivate prospects through creation of a compelling case statement.


Once the plan is complete, Arts Manager International offers continuing consultation, coaching, and implementation services for the staff, board, and campaign committee, including strategy analysis and adjustment, ongoing counsel on prospect cultivation and solicitation, vendor management, and more.



Arts Manager International works with new organizations from pre-development and capital planning to organizational development and inaugural season management. AMI services complement the work of theater and museum consultants and architects, ensuring that a developer’s investment in a new cultural landmark is matched by a thorough, balanced, and realistic plan for financial sustainability, artistic excellence, and human resource development.


Arts Manager International provides both one-time and ongoing consultation in staff training, facility planning, artistic planning, community engagement, policy development, information technology, strategic partnerships, and budgeting. These services support a planned, steady approach to opening; maximize opportunity within the new structure; and limit opportunity cost and hard cost, both during and after handover.